Deaf Communication Services (DCS) Web

DCS Web is an auxiliary service for web resources that allow Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Albania companies to interact with deaf and hard of hearing website visitors in real time.

The social mission of the development: to ensure the accessibility of any services to people with hearing impairment and to contribute to creating a barrier-free environment for people with special needs in Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Albania in the online space.


The company developed the DCS Web widget for the Internet sites of government and commercial institutions.

The service enables a person with hearing and speech impairment to comfortably communicate in the online space with the chosen company with the help of a sign language interpreter.

Why you should install DCS Web

How it works

If necessary, the DCS Web widget enables people with hearing impairment to call any number specified on the site. The call is made by an interpreter representing the interests of a deaf or hard of hearing person.

DCS Web provides 24/7 support for site visitors. A person with a hearing impairment learns about this possibility by the presence of a web-widget icon for the deaf on the main page of the resource.

Advantages of DCS Web