Powerful Add-ons for Your Widget


Powerful ADA Compliance

Accessibility starts here. With AccessWay's AI-Powered Accessibility Widget. Scroll down to view powerful widget add-ons, that give you, and your users, ultimate control of the most comprehensive accessibility and compliance solution available.

Live Translations

Open your site to the world.

Translate your site into 40+ languages to give non-native speakers a more inclusive and accessible browsing experience. Live site translations are extremely valuable for people from and outside English-speaking countries, students and those with language acquisition difficulties.

White Label

Clean, simple accessibility with a streamlined menu.

The ideal way to offer our widget directly to your clients. It is also the perfect presentation of an unbranded accessibility widget without links or additional information in its footer. Suitable for agencies, resellers, and organizations of all types.

Usage Stats

Actionable real-time data.

How many and what percentage of users are pausing animations, increasing text size, enhancing contrast, and enabling the AccessWay Dyslexia Font on your site? Share this and many more metrics with your product or design teams to engineer increases in site usage and conversions.

Custom Branding

Our AI, your brand.

Branding is a major consideration for most organizations. Add your logo to our powerful AI Accessibility Widget to reinforce your organization’s commitment to inclusive, accessible user experiences.

Modify Menu

Powerful UI customizations.

Build and fine-tune your widget with the Modify Menu option. Reorder, remove and restructure the widget buttons to fit your users’ specific accessibility needs.