Web Accessibility Compliance Audit Report

Make your sites, apps, and designs barrier-free for people with disabilities.

What is an Accessibility

Audit Report?

Our certified accessibility experts assess your WCAG 2.0/2.1 AA compliance levels, and give your teams a full report with guidance on how to action necessary fixes to help meet ADA and Section 508 requirements.

Practical Precision:

Remediate at Code Level

An audit finds every violation, shows exactly where they are, and provides direct, expert advice on how to resolve them.

See how to fix your accessibility

Get clear, actionable checklists of each and every accessibility violation on your site, and direct how-to remediation instructions.

Make digital assets usable for all

Demonstrate true goodwill and real effort towards achieving compliance with today's accessibility guidelines. This is an important step forward, and shows good faith, which contributes to the protective legal umbrella businesses need.

Our experts, your accessibility success

Get our expert advice on a 1-1 basis, with our available office hours built into audit packages.

Audit Types

With AccessWay, you choose the audit option that fits your organization best. You can select one of our pre-set audit packages, or if you’d like a more guided approach, our accessibility and compliance experts can review your goals and work with you to craft a custom audit package for your site, app, or other digital assets.

This is the traditional audit offering, testing responsive web design for devices of all sizes. Our industry-leading audit goes beyond any other on the market. We perform manual tests with accessibility experts, from the perspective of a PwD tester. We provide remediation instructions that are a clear path forward for your dev team. If needed, we also have SSDLC client-side remediation as an available option for your digital assets.

Bridging the conversation between designers and developers in the early stages of conceptualization incorporates accessibility into the very core of your digital property. It’s also a smarter, more cost-effective method: there won’t be a need to retrofit compliance on to a full-fledged design that didn’t take accessibility into account.

Our annotated and reviewed design audits help designers natively build a more accessible site, and makes early stage development compliance-friendly. Don’t compromise on the style, branding, or look of your site: a design-stage audit will ensure you bring your vision to life, accessibly.

Automated testing and scans matched with subsequent manual testing check your native iOS or Android application for adherence to high-level accessibility standards, as set by the WCAG 2.1 AA.

This limited scope 3-page rapid audit is designed as a diagnostic tool for understanding accessibility at a high level. Micro-audits are great for newly acquired sites or establishing an initial baseline of accessibility prior to broad audits and code level remediations. Micro audits generally include home page, contact page, and a third page to be decided upon, with no engagement.

An SRAT is a test of your site’s usability from the perspective of a blind or low vision user running a screen reader. This rapidly deployable test helps diagnose blocking issues for screen reader users, and is a great litmus test for the overall accessibility of a site. Great for helping you assess where you stand in terms of overall accessibility.

VPATs (Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates) are used to set up ACRs (Accessibility Conformance Reports). “VPAT” is the term commonly used to include both. VPATs are for organizations required (or desiring) to present proof of the current state of their site’s accessibility. For organizations looking for more positive VPAT results, a VPAT made after a re-audit, when internal fixes have been put into place and verified, is the best option. A VPAT must be executed after an audit.

Design Audit & Annotations

Build accessibility in, from the get-go. You get clear, detailed annotations on your designs, that developers understand instantly. Your code will be written accessibly from the start, saving your company time and money.

You need accessibility. We know how to make it happen.

AccessWay accessibility audits test with the right combination of browsers and assistive technologies for your site, app, or design. Our experts pinpoint true violations based on real-world experience.

Find out if AccessWay is the right solution for your organization.