AccessWay Helps Accountable Digital Achieve Full Compliance for Its Client Sites


Accountable Digital is a marketing firm that specializes in financial, nonprofit, eCommerce, travel, B2B and advertising communications. Its team maintains dozens of certifications, and offers more than a decade of digital marketing know-how.

Peter Platt, President and Founder of Accountable Digital, was an early internet pioneer, developing the first Dupont website in 1993. He was also among the first 100 people to earn Google Adwords certification. Platt has been a web innovator since the very beginning, and Accountable Digital shares his passion for innovation.

“I started Accountable Digital 10 years ago because everybody talked about using technology, but no one was connecting it to achieving business objectives. That’s what we do at Accountable Digital.”

“Adding the AccessWay widget to our client sites is an extension of that philosophy because it has a direct relationship to better SEO, which translates to more sales. It’s also an important part of corporate social responsibility initiatives.”

Peter Platt




Full Accessibility For WordPress Websites

For the last several years, more Accountable Digital clients have become interested in usability and accessibility. Most of the websites the firm manages are in WordPress. The is a long list of WordPress plugins aimed at making pages more accessible, but most are only partial solutions, at best.

The firm decided it needed a professional accessibility solution when a client was named in a lawsuit at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Customers couldn’t use assistive devices to order from the client’s mobile website. Accountable Digital also wanted a solution with customizable branding that it could easily roll out to all of its client websites.



Compliance With ADA And WCAG

Website visitors can navigate each page in different ways depending on their needs. The AI-powered AccessWay Accessibility Widget allows users with coordination problems to navigate websites with just a keyboard. This level of accessibility has helped Accountable Digital’s clients achieve full accessibility.


Usage Data For Web Development Enhancements

Accountable Digital plans to analyze the usage data from the widget to learn more about the impact it has on bounce rates and SEO. The insights from the data will help Accountable Digital build better websites for their clients.


Adherence To Client
Brand Guidelines

AccessWay’s management console makes it easy to install addons or change branding without the need to remember multiple logins across client accounts. Accessibility Digital has also customized the accessibility icons for each site to match its clients’ branding.

Preserves User Privacy

Fast Time
to Market

Intuitive User Interface

Reduced Workload, Reduces TCO

Improved User Experience