AccessWay Makes More than 2000 CMS Max Websites ADA Compliant


CMS Max is a web and eCommerce platform that stays ahead of the curve by keeping abreast of the latest technologies. Its high-end website technology was developed according to Google’s guidelines to ensure its wide client base of websites stays SEO-friendly. It also integrates easily with popular third-party services, including Shopify, Square, and UPS Shipping. All of its customers can manage their websites with little to no programming experience.

Our focus on digital accessibility is a core component within the CMS Max platform.

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“CMS Max is always quick to adopt cutting-edge technology that gets results. We were looking at other solutions, but the AccessWay UI was significantly more intuitive. AccessWay’s widget is easy to use and customize, making it a huge advantage for over 2000 of our customers, who are now fully ADA compliant.”



Automatic Accessibility For Al

CMS Max was looking for an ADA-compliant accessibility solution that would be easy to implement across the 2000 websites it hosts.

Since the websites on its platform cover every type of industry, the company needed a solution that was easily adaptable without placing limitations on what individual website owners wanted to accomplish. Considering all the widgets and different ways a site can be structured, CMS Max leaders knew it wasn’t a simple problem to solve. The leadership team also wanted a way to automatically make its sites compliant, which would allow the company to skip the expense and headache of performing manual code revisions for thousands of sites.



Ease Of Use

Visitors to CMS Max-hosted sites don’t need to click or trigger anything to make pages compliant. The code is automatically corrected as pages load, and the AccessWay widget makes navigation and page display customization simple to manage.


ADA Compliance

The AccessWay solution is powerful, scalable, lightweight, and secure for one website or a thousand. The American and European sites both have enjoyed seamless integration with AccessWay technology – without needing to refactor their existing code.


Improved Web Traffic And Search Performance

The most popular search engines scan the code on websites looking for accessibility problems. Better accessibility leads to higher search rankings. By deploying AccessWay, CMS Max customers rank higher on Google searches. They also report lower bounce rates and higher traffic.

Preserves User Privacy

Fast Time
to Market

Intuitive User Interface

Reduced Workload, Reduces TCO

Improved User Experience