AccessWay Makes a Website for Disabled People Even More Accessible


Yoocan is a global collaborative community for experiences and knowledge shared by and for people with disabilities. It allows members to share their personal stories, provide tips and product recommendations, and connect with other members of the community.

Yoocan also created the first and only assistive technologies startup hub and investors club in the world. Yoocan provides pre-seed and seed money in addition to giving startups access to its community to test and receive feedback. The company also hosts an investors club that is focused on assistive technology-related startups.

Yoocan is focused on providing positive online experiences for people with disabilities.

We were amazed at how easy it was to add the AccessWay widget to our site. And from a user’s perspective, there aren’t any directions required because the interface is fun to play with.

Moshe Gaon




Accessibility For Users With Different Kinds Of Disabilities

Yoocan has people with the most common to the rarest disabilities visiting its website, so it needs to be widely accessible. The website has an option in the navigation area that allows visitors to switch between English in Hebrew, but it needed to accommodate visitors from around the world, including users who require assistive technologies to consume content, navigate websites, and make connections.

The company needed a solution that made existing content accessible without having to re-code each web page manually. They also wanted new content to become accessible as soon as it was added to the website. Finally, the solution had to comply with user privacy regulations.



Full Accessibility With A Single Line Of Code

The AccessWay widget fixed over 58,000 accessibility violations across the Yoocan website, including over 17,000 alt tags and descriptive text for almost 8,300 links. As a result of these fixes 98% of Yoocan’s pages are fully-accessible and compliant.


Multiple Accessibility Features For A Complete Website Experience

Yoocan visitors can access all of AccessWay’s accessibility features, including the AccessWay screen reader, advanced color-contrast settings, text magnification, the custom Dyslexia font, and the option to pause page animations that distract users.


Zero Collection Of User Information

The widget does not track what users do online and does not ask for their personal information. In addition, users don’t need to choose their disability; instead, all of AccessWay’s accessibility features are available as soon as they open the page.

Preserves User Privacy

Fast Time
to Market

Intuitive User Interface

Reduced Workload, Reduces TCO

Improved User Experience