Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, AccessWay’s accessibility solutions provide full ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance. The best place to start is with AccessWay’s AI-Powered Accessibility Widget, which enables AI-Powered automated repairs without requiring you to change your website’s existing code.

In short, the free version of AccessWay’s Accessibility Widget provides partial compliance via user-triggered accessibility enhancements while the paid version also remediates the underlying code to work with assistive technology, in accordance with WCAG guidelines.

Our widget has been rigorously tested and optimized to ensure there is no impact on your site’s load time. Both the widget and the remediations to your site’s code are done asynchronously after your site has finished loading.

Due to the complex nature of accessibility, we want to provide many pathways to help site owners achieve compliance. While deploying AccessWay’s AI-Powered Accessibility Widget is a great way to automatically fix accessibility violations, many sites want to resolve the deeper issue of inaccessible coding practices. They require manual audits or scans to pinpoint issues on their site so that their developers can resolve the problems and begin to use more accessible practices.

Yes, we do provide volume discounts starting at 10+ sites. We also offer agency discounts and affiliate programs with attractive commissions. Please contact us to learn more about pricing and discounts.

Absolutely! AccessWay’s AI-Powered Accessibility Widget automatically identifies any changes to your website. If violations appear in newly-published content, those will be immediately remediated by AccessWay’s Accessibility Widget. You can freely publish new content without having to worry about needing to make modifications.

Over 1 million websites trust AccessWay’s accessibility solutions, including governments, banks, large enterprises, and countless SMBs. In fact, our extensive user base is over 20x larger than the next solution. That means our AI-powered rule engine is constantly learning from a vast array of WCAG violations and becoming more robust. Beware of imitators; they often collect behavioral data on your site’s users, decrease your site’s usability, and may even expose you to legal risks.

AccessWay does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) or behavioral data on your site or its visitors as we are a privacy-by-design organization.

Yes. Luckily, you won’t need it when running AccessWay’s AI-Powered Accessibility Widget. The process, however, is as follows: after receiving a demand letter, claim or lawsuit, AccessWay provides an assessment of the claim’s validity, a Statement of Compliance as proof that your site was accessible with AccessWay’s AI-Powered Accessibility Widget and, if required, an expert opinion as part of your official response to the claimant. In the event that you receive a demand letter or lawsuit, contact us as soon as possible.


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